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Art, sculpture, bronze, art sculptures, bronze sculpture, garden sculpture, metal sculpture

by eric thorsen

wildlife bear sculptures


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  Welcome to Eric Thorsen's Online Wildlife Sculpture,  figurative sculpture Paintings & Prints Gallery.

Eric's bronze wildlife sculptures, figurative sculptures, paintings & prints  are  featured worldwide in publications and TV.   Major corporations, celebrities and private collectors enthusiastically collect his bronze wildlife sculptures, figurative sculptures, paintings & prints.   Sales of his wildlife sculptures has generated millions of dollars in contributions to non profit organizations.  Cyndy Thorsen manages our galleries and staff.   We have 6500 square feet of studio & gallery open to the public with Eric's bronze wildlife sculptures, figurative sculptures, paintings & prints.  See bronze wildlife sculptures, figurative sculptures, paintings & prints in progress.  We also have sculptures, paintings & prints on display in other parts of USA.

Eric's subjects for bronze wildlife sculptures, figurative sculptures, paintings & prints are diverse, but are often focused on human and animal subjects.  Eric also enjoys painting landscapes.  Our main gallery is located in Bigfork, Montana,  a beautiful town just an hour south of Glacier International Park.  Eric's studio is located  in a 100 year old building displaying his sculptures, paintings & prints in downtown Bigfork.  We have also developed a wildlife sculpture park in downtown Bigfork to display outdoor bronze sculptures.  Visitors enjoy a view of Flathead Lake as well as a bronze wildlife sculpture fountain. 

Eric started by carving fish in wood.   In the beginning of his career at 24 he won Best in World with his wood sculpture called "Mystery of the Redd".  Soon after he was introduced to clay and the real  excitement began.   He soon began producing literally hundreds of clay sculptures to be cast in bronze.  His sculptures are highly acclaimed, winning him awards and honors nationwide. 

We have had our gallery in Montana since 1993.  We continue to expand.   Instead of working with many galleries as common in the art business we sell most of Eric's sculptures, paintings & prints directly to collectors.   This gives us a personal communication with our collectors. 

Eric's primary studio is 6500 square feet  in  downtown Bigfork.  Here visitors can view him at work.  Eric needs more than photographs to create his works.  His photographic Imagination is his source for  his inspiration.  Eric learns the anatomy and personality of the subject to begin a project. 

Cyndy and Eric travel to use live animals or models as references for sculptures in progress.

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