Eric Thorsen

Eric Thorsen was born in Glasgow, MT in 1967 to an American serviceman and a French citizen. Raised in this multi-cultural home, Eric's philosophies of sculpture were shaped at an early age. Trips Abroad with his mother introduced Eric to a world filled with art and history that would mold his outlook on life.

Eric achieved international acclaim, winning numerous international and national awards. He holds memberships to prestigious groups throughout the art world. He frequently returns to Europe drawing from this as a source of inspiration.

Today Eric's work is continually featured in publications and TV. Major corporations, celebrities and private collectors enthusiastically collect his sculptures.  Sales of his work has generated millions of dollars in contributions to non profit organizations.

The popularity of his work is growing at a phenomenal rate on a world scale!


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Main Gallery/ Office
570 Electric Ave.
Bigfork, MT 59911 USA
phone 406-837-4366
fax 406-837-4520


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