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We have a large library of scanned and digitally modeled 3d sculptures. 

Our models can be enlarged or reduced to any size.  The process starts with a clay model and ends with a traditional mold used to cast bronze or resin. The quality far surpasses traditional hand pointing methods, all details are captured exactly as they were originally sculpted. 

Please inquire about enlargements or reduction of sculptures.  Also we license digital files for 1 time or multiple use.

Some of the file formats we often work with are Wavefront OBJ, .STL, Maya MB

We offer both exclusive, and non-exclusive rights models; giving you the choice of full ownership or a cost effective alternative.  In terms of what types of models you can request there is no limit,

Our digital models are created using a highly advanced and accurate 3D digitizing system to  reproduce any of Eric's original clay sculptures.

Eric also sculpts models digitally using sophisticated software that emulates sculpting in clay.

For all inquiries:

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